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^ +1 on sirex's comments

Originally Posted by bunnykiller View Post
LOL ^ ur ****ed dude. These ppl are clearly distubing the peace and preventing public transit and other cars to pass. The cops are doing safe and strategic cround control.

You seem like one of those people narirating the vid, no clue about law but keep bitching about rights.
i could come up with alot of cool nouns & adjectives for your opinions, but i am so much better then you that i don't need too but please, at some point, do get around to enlightening us to how awesome hitler really was (an essay perhaps) come on i can tell you've been dying too

i'd also counter your 'not in league with reality' statements regarding how neccessary this type of 'policing' was but it would just be falling on def ears. Q' bunny killer in your opinion: did any jews really die at the hands of hitler?
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