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Originally Posted by cuko View Post
Latley i have been having a problem with my central locking system. It seems to be working randomly and i never know when its going to work. This really sucks because if theres people with me they have to climb in thru the window lol.

Does anyone know where i should start to try and resolve this problem? Its having the same result wether i use the key to try and lock/unlock or the button on the console!

Another problem is i cant even get the doors to open even if i pull the handles twice, nothing happens!
I suspect it could be the central lock control unit that could be faulty. one other thing to consider; if you repeatedly try to lock and unlock the system freezes to avoid overheating the lock actuators and control unit. safety feature. If you give a moment it should work again. I don't believe this is a wiring issue.

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