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Cool DCT Shifter retro-fit into e46

Some of you might have seen my previous posting in regards to trying to get a DCT electronic shifter to work in an e46.... or previous to that ....

Well, I can close those threads down. Got all my answers from tracing out circuitry and metering out voltages, etc. Have to thank Arty :thumbup: :thumbsup: for the idea of isolating the selector switch (had thought of it Arty, didn't think it was isolated like that) and Delmarco :woot:for getting me interested in the mod in the first place. Not going to repeat mechanical steps, Delmarco covered them extremely well in his post

Well, got it working by isolating the selector switch; applying power to the common terminal vs. grounding as it was originally connected. Moved cables and terminals from existing lighting panel (bought to be salvaged) and extended the data cable on the DCT shifter (actually nicked it when drilling out the centre of the shifter to allow installation on the stock e46 stock, so I had to remove and recrimp connector; so extended it another 6 inches)....

That addressed the PRND lights, but I had to use a micro relay and another series resistor and diode (to replacate original diode betweens pins 1 & 3 on X1600) and then use the ground connection to close relay. Other side of relay runs batt voltage through 610ohm resistor to drop voltage to power M/S LED. Only thing I've not addressed (would require a little more circuitry (maybe version 2 LOL) is that the D LED remains on when the M/S LED is lit. Personally, I like it, but could design a cancellation circuit to turn of D LED when M/S selected (like I said, maybe version 2). Going to add 0.5A micro fuse to both power lines on board (batt and dimmer) to protect incase of short and will eventually put cover on box to close. Right now tucked next to lighter under console. Ribbon cable is routed so it rests on Shift release motor and seems to move freely in all positions.... Will check in a few weeks and see if there are any rub marks present...

Here's the pics.

Final assembly.... Nice and neat!!

Still need to integrate electronic shift lock into P switch on shifter. Maybe this weekend....
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