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I have a '89 325i and I was looking at the seats the other day and they are cracking up. I know there are products out there to apply and help turn back time a bit but the cracks are getting a bit deep for this treatment.

I like the original look of the gray leather interior but I have a few options I have thought about. The first would be redoing the seats myself. I was looking up guides online and the process didn't seem that hard but there is a lot of room for me to screw it up. Has anyone tried this?

The second option is buying second hand seats and installing them. The only problem with that is shipping. I live in Newfoundland, Canada and there are very few used bmw's for sale and even fewer (I haven't come across one yet) parting out sales. So I was wondering if I could buy seats from someone and have them remove the leather and ship it. Is this possible without ruining the seats or can it be done (given the person selling eases them off)?

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