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BMW Megacity Official Details and Photos

BMW has decided to use a special approach when it comes to electric vehicles, as the carmaker wants to be the first who launches an electric car built from scratch, rather than a vehicle that had its internal combustion powerplant replaced with and electric drivetrain.

Until now, the German company has only offered vague information about the MegaCity project, which should make its debut in 2013. However BMW has just released the first details of the purpose-built EV.

The Megacity Vehicle (MCV) will be built around a carbon fiber and aluminum chassis, with its body panels using composite materials or carbon fiber. This will keep the weight down, a feature that has allowed BMW to make it a proper four-seater and not a two-seater city-only vehicle as unofficial reports showed.

In addition to being light, the MCV will have a low center of gravity, as its battery pack will be located under the passenger cabin. The electric motor will sit at the rear of the vehicle and will send its power to the rear wheels via a single speed transmission. Speaking of power, the unit should offer 170 hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm, allowing the EV to reach a top speed of 90 mph (144 km/h). BMW targets a driving range of 124 miles (200 km).

The German automotive producer also said it is considering using a range extender, in the form of a small combustion engine.

BMW claims the overall rear wheel drive, electric package will offer a fun, driver-involving experience, completing the MINI combustion engine, front wheel drive’s emotional offer.
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