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OK, so you can take the time to respond to this thread but not my PM's. Get your story straight. For two weeks the plan was to meet on the Sat. And because of that I told a buddy I'd give him a ride out to Cambridge for that day. Friday I PMed you to confirm. You said OK. I said around 10:00-11:00am Sat. you said OK. Then Sat. morning you PM me to tell me you couldn't meet me. by then it was to late because my buddy had missed his bus because I told him I'd drive him. So I had no choice but to go out to Cambridge. So don't say you warned me you couldn't meet up. At the last minute if you realize you couldn't meet me because you were going to be sleeping at that time, then you should have made some arrangement for maybe a friend of yours to meet me. Or even I could have met you at your house, and had someone answer the door when I came, or you could have got out of bed for the two second transaction, considering you knew I'd be driving from Toronto. Also In your PM you said You would be heading to Toronto later on that day and you'd give me a call when you arrive. So when I got back to Toronto from Cambridge, I canceled my plans for the remainder of the day so I could meet with you. I waited around all day and you never called, not even to say if you could make it or not make it. You stiffed me twice in one day. Than the next day and the following days I sent you PM's asking what's going on, you never responded nor have you made any attempts to contact me in any sort of way to let me know what was happening. And don't say you never got my PM's because that's the first thing that pops up when you log in. I know you've been on Maxx since then because your online indicator lights up green when your logged in, and you've posted more stuff for sale. So don't say you had no time to contact me cause you are to busy, that's bullshit.

Ya you held this stuff for two weeks, And I thanked you greatly. But don't forget, I been trying to meet you since February to get this stuff off of you. And gave up then when you stopped replying to me. Then reappeared all of a sudden with this stuff for sale again. The problem is definitely not me as I can meet you any where, anytime. The problem is that you don't like to answer PMs and you like to keep me in the dark.

Your right, I'm sure anyone who has dealt with you before will disagree with me. Key words "has dealt with you before" meaning you actually showed up to meet with them, not stiff them like you do to me and who knows how many other you've probably stiffed.

People don't get this whole thing twisted. I'm not trying to bash doogee. I've never met the guy, I'm just saying he has very very poor communication skills and is inconsiderate to other peoples time.

doogee, If you still have this stuff for sale, which you probably got rid of months ago and like to string me along for a ride saying you still have it. And you actually want to put some cash in your pocket, then I'll be in Toronto and you can meet me anytime.
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