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What could 1.2 billion dollars have bought Canadians?

50,000$ per student to complete a 4 year degree = 24,000 students. Or they could have paid half the tuuition for 48,000 students.

More teachers:
Assuming the average high school teacher works 30 years starts about 50K$ a year, and ends at about 90K a year. Will say it costs about 100,000$ a year to have a teacher.
30x 100,000 = 3 million dollars

400 more teachers, for 30 years


assuming it costs around 400,000$ per year for a specialist at 30 years each = 100 more SPECIALIST doctors in Canada.

Low income housing

It costs about 250,000$ to build a house.. they could have build 4800 homes. No idea how many apartment buildings, etc.

instead they wasted it on a police force.

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