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Originally Posted by abc12 View Post
i'm interesting in checking out the protest, but be more of a spectator. only thing stopping me is the new regulation powers that the cops have now. last thing i want is to be detained and question for no apparent reasons...

since this is only a once in a life time it'll ever be in toronto again, something to experience and witness... more power to the people... protesters that is....

I wouldn't go down there if I were you. Infact anyone that wants to live a normal life shouldn't go down there.

Heres why:

You go down there. you get detained on some bullshit - for no reason. next thing you know youre being IDd, photographed, fingerprinted, dna tested, urine tested, your name on file, etc, etc, etc.

your name gets black listed in the future. They know where you live.

we live in a police state, you want them to have all that information?

Im glad there are other people balsy enough to go down there to be honest. I cant afford to ruin my future though on some bs.
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