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Originally Posted by EstorilM3 View Post
every once in a while Transport Canada brings in non-conforming European cars here for, what the call, testing purposes.
I saw that car at the Toronto car show together with a few others which were (and still are not) sold in canada, and most likely never will be.
I even spoke to the Transport canada person at the show about the car, and he said to me that they do "feasability studies" on it, and testing. He wouldn't elaborate too much on that. I offered to buy it from them, but he just laughed.
Then, I went to the BMW Canada display and told some people there about the 320 diesel being dispalyed at the show; they went off to see the car - they had no idea it was there.

So, that's your "Crown asset"!

Furthermore, ANYONE can bring in a non-confroming car to Canada for a max. of 1 year, not just diplomats. Before the year exipres, you either have to get it certified by Transport Canada or take it out of the country.
From my understanding the EU emission controls much higher standard then Canada's, so why it did not pass?
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