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failed e-test (E36 - 328is)

so apparently ONterrible requires etests... well I already knew this, but living in AB for the past 2 years they could give 2 shats about them.. anyway, my HC reading was 113, norm is 60.. almost double here.

could I have a faulty vacuum line? poor O2 reading? need a new cat? my check engine light has been on for a while now and last time i had a buddy check it it pointed to C2. so we swapped around the coils and still read the same code on C4. i've changed the plugs, only 1 coil, but now I am thinking there is a domino effect happening. lately the car idles erratically, but the rps are steady. I've heard a few words that it could be a bad leak or that even there is another faulty coil. prolly should be a good idea to replace all 6....?

car is a 99 328is - 5spd, 186km.

Going to have a buddy read the codes tomorrow and see what exactly the errors are.

if anyone has any input with the same disasters please feel free to share!


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