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in my sales dept we can only run Canadian vehicles on our system. I could have a parts guy run it if I were at work. So it is a 2006 like I said. There's no such thing as a 2005 E90, at all. The 2006 model year started with spring 2005 production. The 10th digit being 0 is still odd for me though. Good job on the info.

Originally Posted by MarkD View Post
You apparently work at BMW so why not run it through a VIN dcoder like I did?

Data for the chassis number . ' KU53450 '
Series: E90
Vehicle type : 320d
BMW- type key : VC31
Engine: M47N2
Body: Sedan
Katalogausf├╝rung : Europe
Steering: Left
Transmission: Manually
Production: 08/2005 <-- 2006 MY

Whatever cars come here are almost always available in Europe a year earlier, I am sure the e9x was available in 2005.

I really doubt it was owned by a diplomat. Read the bottom of the page, it says the car was here for testing.

Additional Comments: *** FOR EXPORT ONLY ***

Tested at Environment Canada:
AHEC - ATV Evaluation
Testing of Motor Vehicle's Advance Technologies
ASFCH -- Dynamic Track Tests
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