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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
I don't get it.
They were able to keep it and drive it in Canada for 25K kms, but now it must be sent back>?
Originally Posted by uzi577 View Post
just wondering
How did it get to Canada then?
one more question
There is no way to get it certified in Canada even as a classic or kit car?

I might have a answer, many diplomats when transferred over to Canada are allowed to bring their cars over as well, of course they will have the red plates, I've worked on 2 of them at MB, one was a A-Class from the EU, which we don't sell here at all, and the other one came from Dubai, it looked like a normal E-Class, but it had a smaller engine, and a 1/4 steel plate protecting the oil pan, so it is possible that this vehicle is formerly owned by a diplomat.

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