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Question doogee

Hey doogee. What's going on? We were suppose to meet up last weekend and you bailed. I'm just trying to figure out if your an inconsiderate person that can't take two seconds to contact me to let me know whats going on, or if you don't know how to properly communicate . Those are the only two reasons I can think of. This is not the first time you have done this. If you don't want to make a sale like you said you would, then all you have to do is tell me through any form of communication available today. It's that simple.

So I guess my warning to max members is...if your planning to ever meet up with doogee to buy something off of him, don't count on him to actually show up. And when you realize you've been stiffed, don't bother trying to PM him or call him cause you won't get any reply or even any effort from him to contact you to say "hey, sorry I was busy. I couldn't meet you. Lets arrange another time." Nothing, zip, zero, nada.
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