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Hello folks,

This thread is coming back straight from 6 feet below!!

So the dollar is up now and i'm making my move. I decided not to purschase a QP cause I really still want a solid fast coupe! So I decided to buy a 2003 Porsche Carerra 4S with 39 thousand miles on the body and 8 thousand miles on the engine.

Cobalt blue and grey interior, kinda like my old 330ci (I like to keep them crip) lol.

Anyways, I'm catching a plane at 6:30 today and i'll be there tonight by 11pm (their time). Tomorrow morning i'm getting it inspected and then i'll be waiting for the wire transfer to go through...

Then it's gonna be a hell of a drive with my girlfriend from Hermosa Beach Cali to Ottawa lol.... I'm taping up the front bumper and front hood for protection.

Probably gonna stop in Vegas too since it's on the way and i never been....

Pls don't post silly comments about "You should of invested in this/that" because I already bought a condo myself a few months ago.

I'll post pics of the ride once it's here and I have time to wash it up and make it pretty!

Wish me luck,

Gooooo Fedor!!!
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