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After this... Christian said "It is time to meet your car"! I was so excited I didnt want to wait any longer! Say Hello to the 2011 335is Coupe.

OMG... I can see it from the "Most expensive staircase in the world" Christian said lol. As we walked down, the hairs on the back of my neck started to stand up... the moment I have finally been waiting for. And here she is.

From that point. I was in awe! I was explained how everything work. I-Drive, car systems. So on. Funny thing was that Christian at the begining didnt even know that I was picking up a "is". He thought it was just a 335i lol. So he didnt know much about that car, I had to educate him lol.

Now after all the technical stuff. I was handed over my key! What a feeling. It was finally in my hands I got in the car, put the key in and hit the start button. The noise that it made on cold idle was... WOW! everyone around the area was looking. Even someone picking up his E90 M3 lol.

Now that I had waved goodbye to Christian and shook his hand once more. I did my victory lap around the welt and headed down the ramp. Waving at all the bmw employees and if I was some important person.

From there, headed back infront of the Welt for some FREE valet parking and headed inside to take my walkaround of the Bmw Museum.
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