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Originally Posted by Fel View Post
Get a Steam account and go shopping.

If you like shooters, the big multiplayer game right now on PC is still Bad Company 2. If you liked Team Fortress, you could always give TF2 a chance, it's fun as hell and has a really cool style to it (plus it's only like 20 bucks).

Luckily there are a bunch of really great looking games coming out over the next little while so there's no shortage of cool shit to play.

Not sure what's great in terms of racing games, I don't play those on PC.

...what are your PC's specs? Do you have a good video card?
tried quakelive, actually does it job quite well, brought back some memories.

i'm running intel duo core 2 2.93 ghz, with a ati radeon hd 5450 chipset (650mhz) 1gb (800mhz) gddr3 dual display dvi/hdmi.d-sub pci express 2.1 graphics card. I don't know much about computers anymore, friend suggested the parts and put it together for me, said this would be good enough for games and whatever.

but the thing that surprised me, was the prices for computer parts, so freaking cheap than back in the days. Since i came from a pentium 2, parts for that were expensive. for my new computer, parts for everything were like a couple bucks here and there.... 30 bucks for a dvd burner, 50 bucks for 2 gigs of ram.... etc...., years ago, friend of mine spent almost a $1000.00 for a new released DVD burner, i spent over hundred bucks for a 128mb of ram.... wow...

how old or new is a celeron compared to a pent. 2....
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