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Thats actually not a bad color! Wouldn't the cats be about $500 used? I know that Euro Parts junkyard will want way more tan $500.
After you replace them you gotta cross your fingers because you never know what the E-Test results will be.. I always buy cars E-Tested first even if I pay out of my own pocket.

Right now my budget is $8500, and it will be $11.5k whenever I sell my E36.

I've seen couple of 2001-2002 530's with about 220Km on them for $8000-$8500, not a bad deal but one is auto and other has tan interior. If I was to choose between those to I'd get the manual with tan interior.
I'd like to get a manual with black interior. And I love the facelift look!
I wouldn't mind auto if it has been well maintained.

So as long as its a manual 530i with black interior (any color except white, green, red, burgundy) I'm interested.

Forking out $2000-$3000 more (that is whenever I sell the E36) will get me the same cars with lower mileage.
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