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That's what I was thinking

Originally Posted by damameke View Post
consignment ?
The original post should have been moved to the for sale section but I think there was some confusion about who made the post here. Clearly this is someone from the dealership fishing for interest here. Just looking at the posts is pretty amusing, to me anyway.

He quotes...
"Thank you nickdaytona, I am still trying hard to sell it..." (Yep highly motivated seller, car sitting a the dealer with no takers at $9K for over 3 years.)

"I am thinking of sending it to a classic car auction. Does it work? And any one knows how to get to this kind of auction?" (The dealer doesn't know this?)

"so how much should I ask for? Really don't have any idea..." (The dealer doesn't know this either?)

"Thank you 73 Tii for your good suggestion. After talking with the owner of my 1600. I think he can make it around $6000 CAD. Just wonder if this price is reasonable? Or I still have a long way to go?" (who owns the car anyhow???)

"no, as long as i have known, the price has been dropped to $7,550..." (What?)

"as i have known, the owner dropped the price 2 weeks ago, the ad on autotrader is here:

"i think the kijiji one should be posted by the other salesman. maybe a little bit earlier than the price drop date. i will ask them to change the number." (the other salesman, what's really going on here I wonder?)

Anyway, all in good fun. Keep trying man and best of luck with the sale.
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