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Originally Posted by vincenthclam View Post
For a long time, we had two kids, and two E30's: one coupe and one sedan (then later an E30 touring).

Consider this: of all the E30's, it was actually easiest to get small kids into the coupe, because in the coupe you can flip down the front seat, hold the child in front of you, brace against the back of the front seat, face the child to get them directly into the child seat, and buckle them in. In contrast, putting kids into the sedan or touring meant putting them in sideways, and doing all the buckles sideways.

(Now, we're about to have a third child... so now it's one E30 coupe, one Jetta TDI wagon, and one V70R. But I can assure you: up to two children are a cinch in an E30 coupe, so your E36 should pose no problems. Of course, it means you will have to live with spit-up, half-chewed food, cracker crumbs, little kid kick marks, etc. on your upholstery.)

But space-wise my friend, you're good to go!

You forget to mentioned the stroller, all the baby bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, My 5 series barely holds that stuff I can imagine an e30 or e36,
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