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Originally Posted by Aveman View Post
Also has a capped off turbo oil drain AN fitting waiting on the oil pan for an easy turbo install. Don't even have to pull the pan!

Good luck with the sale! A car like this doesn't come around every day so I'm sure it'll go fast.
Thanks man!

Shoulda seen her tonight at the cruise! I'm quite happy with the results, and so was my passenger!

Originally Posted by everlast View Post
And no driveclean testing, and high rear arches for big meaty tires after you put a turbo on it. Beautiful E30.

After spending last weekend in Montreal, I can see how car-free would be appealing.
Yeah, the driveclean is huge. Takes a constant nag right off your hands, never have to worry about a clean car...

And yeah, Montreal wouldn't want this car. It wouldn't hold up forever, and I'd hate to see it take any abuse there, at the hands of vandals or the roads, either or.

Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Gorgeous car, GLWS!
Thanks Rudy!
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