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oh noes, zee Audi is here
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Car needs to go under maintenance and won't be ready in time, so I'm skipping it this year.

Safety note to all: Replace your rear bulbs and don't ignore that "bulb out error", as I saw way too many close calls last year because someone couldn't tell that the person in front of them was braking.

On another note, my cousin recently sold the E39 M5 and picked up his E90 M3 two days ago, I'll see if he's up for making an appearance.

Originally Posted by boravr6 View Post
Ill be there... if you guys dont mind having an Audi tag along!
You HAVE to go, as I can't make it this year. Last year, I was the only Audi (but I was invited), now you, my son, must represent the OOOO!
Red on Black interior makes me feel special.

Running an ST (small turbo) making mine the slowest B6 A4 "evar!"
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