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Red face fractional reserve banking, the owners of us all - ex pm: martin on legal 'fruad'

modern money mechanics - the fraud of fractional reserve banking

former prime minister paul martin stuttering over banking questions

so from $100 in deposits they can write or 'create' $1000 to lend charge interest on. more of a refresher, as the info's been out there for years. but definitely feeds into why a regular priced box of cereal is $7.00, soon to have that additional 8% HST on it.

ha we think we're 'free' Did you ever stop to wonder how things ran or were built before 1913 when there were no taxes on your labor?

*say did you hear how much Goldman made from
1) shorting (betting against) the Gulf 1-3days before it happened &
2) selling off 44% of their holding in BP, just days before, and..
3) BP ceo also did the same days before -paid off his mansion in kent

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