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both sides need to be raped by atom bombs.

you know in history, alot of things were done for a reason. you should read up on why they exterminated the jews. It wasn't for no reason at all either.

Its because of many many reasons.
a) Jewish people throughout history took up the "merchant role." In alot of cases they would "profit" when people around them were starving.

b) Hitler exterminated the Jews because when Hitler was gearing up for war alot of Jews (who had alot of money) pulled their money out of the country and left the country. They wanted to live in Germany and have the same rights as citizens, but when their country called for arms they cut and run.

c) Jewish have be ostricized because they never wanted to belong to the coutnry they live in fully. Even today, you find a Jew born in Canada, and you ask them where they are from and they tell you they are Jews and their home country is Israel. And every Jew I have ever met wants to go live in Israel. No patriotism for the country they live in.

d) they never really assimilate into the current culture, they always want to be different and they dont want to be seen as the citizens that live in that country, they want to be their own class of citizen.

This has created alot of alienation with the population that already lives in that country. This is why it was so easy for hitler to point at the jews and give them blame. Im not saying that what Hitler did was right, but at the same time, when you look at the way Jews have behaved over the centuries, it is more or less the truth.

The only country in the world where Jews seem to not have this higher then thou ideology is in France. France has one of the highest population of Jews in the world because of this. Above that, they are treated with alot of respect there and not looked down upon the same way as in other countries. Throughout World War 2, French citizens were amogst some of the kindest in helping the Jews escape the nazi killing machine, and probably the most of any group of people that helped save Jews.

The allies ****ed up Israel whent hey created it. They uprooted the citizens that were there already and then just placed the Jews there, how is that fair? Above all else, the holy land has been fought for by many, many many different groups of people. And at some point in time many groups of people lived there in peace.

And yet, the Jews want it all for themselves...

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