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I used to race them when I was a teenager, I would recommend going new but there are gems out there. It's just a hassle to buy used cause most of the really nice ones are generally up north.
I would stay away from Polaris for atv's. Bear in mind they can be financed new for like $150/month.

Is this your first one? Have you ever ridden before?
Is it gonna be a screw around bush rider? Do you want to track it? Do you like to jump them?

An auto would be ideal if you're inexperienced.

old yamaha warrior if you want to learn clutch, Honda 400ex is really nice too if you have a little experience
Yamaha YFZ450 ftw if you know how to ride. But I'm pretty biased.

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Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.

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