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Bullet Ride's turbo project

So I got this car last august it a semi complete state. The car was "driveable" but it had a number of things that still needed to be sorted out. Well, I got busy fixing up my other car and just never got around to this car. I'd like to start working on it now here and there when I have the time so that I can have it ready to go for the fall.

The kit was a budget build. It has an e-bay manifold and turbo (TO4E 50 trim .63 a/r), knock off type-rs BOV, and some turbo chip (for 8psi maybe? I need to open the dme and take a look at it)

Things I need to do:
- Redo the intercooler set-up so that I can actually put the headlights back into the car
- Wire in wideband O2
- Install an oil pressure and oil temp gauge
- Clean up the engine bay (routing wires, vacuum lines, and hoses)
- Redo the brakes because they are shot
- Install the lowering springs and shocks I pulled from my other car
- Start shaking the car down looking for bugs.

At some point I'd like to go to a stand alone engine management (most likely MS) but I need to save some money for my last year of school starting this fall. So I just want to get the car into a driveable state, then next year I'll convert it to stand alone, add on some arp head studs... and up the boost

I'll update this thread as I work on the car, here are some pics of the car pretty much how I got it last year

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