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Fail Headlight cover cleaning..

Can someone please help me out here?

What did i do wrong ..

I wanted to do up my headlight covers (they are plastic)

I bought Plastx (thought it would maybe work a bit ... it kinda does a little but not what I wanted at all)

So i kind of followed steps from this guy ...

I used sandpaper with a bucket of water beside me and a bit of soap..

Started with 600 Grit (i'm not fully sure how long you should do it)... and i stopped at night (i didn't have any other grits)... the headlight cover was pretty foggy / oxidized out of no where (on outside) but it was very smooth and clean looking

Today I bought 1000 and 2000... i finished up one headlight and damn is it ever foggy now...

What the heck is going on... does someone have a product to clear up this fog? I tried turtle wax polishing compound scratch remover and it would not do anything either...

here is the second one i did which i did lot less of sanding

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