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Originally Posted by Bullet Ride View Post
Power isn't everything. I've driven a charger, one of the v6 ones. It drove like shit, the steering didn't have much feedback, the gas pedal felt too light, and the suspension was rubbish. I basically couldn't feel the car at all while I was driving it. Then again some people like that in a car. The fit and finish wasn't good at all either, the car just felt cheap all around.
Have to remember that it's basically an economy car lol. The dodge line up with the R/T badge is where you get the performance. Bimbo brakes, sport suspension, bigger engine, better throttle response, ect.. You drive any car really that's worth 20grand compared to a loaded to the tits 70ish grand car. My mom went to Durham Dodge to price out a new Charger R/T. 65k with some change. The car was a rocket, and my dad was getting off the off ramp at Stevenson (new off ramp that GM built) at almost 120kp/h lol.
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