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Originally Posted by ryanjv View Post
so waiting an hour worked. entered the code and yay i have radio.

now i hear the antenna trying to lift, you hear it whirring, but it won't go up.

I've lubed it up and manually pulled it up while the car is off. It was sticky and seized, so i cleaned off teh antenna and worked it up and down to make sure it won't get stuck.

But now when i turn the radio on and off, the antenna only goes part way up or down, sometimes. Am i going to have to pull out the little antenna casing and poke around inside? or is there something else i need to do. it sounds like its just not catching something and going. anyoen know what its like inside and the mechanics of how it works?
Why not unscrew the antenna and just buy a aftermarket small plastic one, they are better anyways. Get more signal.
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