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Stock Radio Code Procedure. UPDATE: Now fix the antenna


the car is a 1987 325e. when i turn the car on then turn the radio on it says CODE. I got the proper code from the dealer (it wasn't the original so i pulled it out and got the serial number, so don't worry thats been checked a few times).

So anyways, i get prompted for 'CODE' and enter it. upon entering the fifth number it just beeps and stays at code. Is there a method to properly entering the code? at first i thought it was like my brothers acura where when you exceed the maximum tries it locks out and you have to disconnect the battery to try again. Talked to a couple dealerships (thanks Maranello Mike for getting me the code) and they weren't 100% sure but they said that if i leave the car on for an hour it should let me enter the code and work.

anyone have any ideas? or does anyone know the proper procedure for getting this stereo to work?

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