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Originally Posted by mr.rhtuner View Post
Hey guys, I used to drive to oakville to get work done on our bmw but due to poor craftsmanship, we are choosing to find somebody local.
Where is a good place to go for oil changes/transmission fluid flush and the typical maintenance?

we refuse to go to bmw here in London due to their over priced work and so-so customer service.

I believe I heard somebody say something about a fanshawe repair shop? are there any other solid and reliable european garages here?

thank you kindly

Fanshaw Motors is all right although I've been going to BMW London for most of my service on my Z4, X5 and 540... I have no reason to complain about their service or their prices. It all depends on how old your BMW is and your Service advisor I guess. See Kris Fairweather,- he'll be straight and honest with you, has been with me for the past few years.
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