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Its way to quiet in here, what the hell!!!

I made it out to my first midnight cruise and had a blast, one of the funnest cruises I have ever been on!!

Where else to you get to stay up after the street lights are on, push a car outa a ditch (5 series missed backing into a drive way to take pics LOL) then miss a turn, get back on track, somehow catch up to the back of the pack (Luckily I can be an animal if I am around the zoo) chill on at the harbour then back for some more fun!!!

I am totally looking forward to this night!!!!!!!!!

One request peoples - check your lights!! Cruising at night can be a bit hazzordous if the person behind you doesn't know what the **** your doing, unless you like havin your ass tapped (which is none of my bussiness) make sure your lights are workin!!!

Cant wait see you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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