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Originally Posted by Brent View Post
Well put, Rich.

As a new guy myself, I just want to put it out there that if anyone ever sees something they feel is dangerous or offensive about my driving, please tell me! I promise I won't be offended, and will take the advice to heart.
I don't want to hurt anyone because I'm doing something foolish, and I don't want to be disrespectful to those that organize the cruise and those that have been doing this safely for years.

Anyway, it was great to meet everyone as usual, hopefully the weather is nice on the weekend and many will attend the cruise in Durham on Sunday.
I'll bring the magazine with the article about home paint jobs, it lists polishing and buffing compounds specific to acrilic paint, Brent great job so far on the paint, once you wet sad out the runs, polish and buff it no one will know!!!!

As for signing up so your membership, you can do it online, and you'll be set for the next autocross.
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