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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
No actions shots? I imagine the pics are that large since you didn't resize them? Picasa is free and easy to manage your pics. You can export your pics all the same size. I use it.

Yeah, no action shots, sorry guys, I was thinking the same thing...but on the cruise I was driving, and I didn't have a passenger, so it would have been kinda tricky (and my camera's not that great with the action shots anyway!). As for the auto x, I have no excuse, except for it was my first time out, and after the first drive, and then every other one, my eyes were bugging out of my head and my heart was pounding pretty good, and all I could do was babble on about how much fun it was!!! lol Maybe next time, I'll calm down and take some pics!

Thanks for the advice about Picasa. It's weird, I posted the pics the same way as I did all the other times and they always came out small I wasn't sure what to do.

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