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Steve i think what everyone is trying to say is, certin people are comfortable with others driving because they have cruised with them b4. Jay if anyone who has been organizing these things for ever knows the routes and may at time let it out when appropriate.

Once people are comfortable with the "newer" people out on the cruise things are different, it just the way it is. Many of us have driven thousands of KM's together and know each other limits, and how they drive, and are comfortable with picking it up.

New comers to cruises often are so hyped up sometimes adrenilin kicks in and mistakes happen. Get used to how the cruises run, and allow people to get used to you and your driving, you'll have alot of fun with these guys if you do.

Alot of the experienced drivers may look at the limits but they are far from it, they do that on the track, and many of the guys have alot of years, schools and autocrosses ect that have allowed them to react with out thought. Sorry but if someone trys to show off, and they are new, people get worried cause it draws attention and puts them at risk.
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