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Re: you legend

Originally posted by nzer
your my personal hero kurt. hahah
318i owners everywhere should make a point of trying to race every other fast bimmer they see on the road..

as soon as my car comes out the shop (new gearbox) i'm gonna be back out there lining up against the m3s and what not haah

don't you love it how they laugh at you when your chatting at the lights.. especially (well for me any way) because i can't stop grinning hah..

keep it up
Hehe , thank You my goodsir, I know exactly what You mean, I just can't stop myself The funny thing is everytime I line up and were finished chatting, I actually think OK tonight a M3 dies by the hands of the mighty 318i and the same thing happens everytime the lights go green and I loose

Oh and MSanity, I live in South Africa. change of moving to friend in America, Minnesota next year or I'm going to England, I am not sure on that yet.

I'l make a better one later...
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