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Originally Posted by PinkieMoscow View Post
... but no matter which way one decides to resolve a situation innocent blood should never be shed.

And may I add... death to all infidels!

I completely agree!!!!!!
Personally i would let all politicians fight it out themselfs! Innocent people shouldnt suffer!

BTW this thing is going to get very interesting in the next few days as
Iran is stepping in

And Turkey is going again with military escort!!!!!

Then Israel is provoking Turkey too

I think in the end all surrounding nations will team up against Israel and it will be interesting to see what position the US will take!

What is funny this is exactly what let to the war in Iraq and what Iran had been asked to allow and caused them being treated as a threat Is the fact they wont allow UN to investigate. Yet Israel is allowed to deny it and no1 says nothing:

As this involves more than one nation how can they be discussing this? There should be an international inquiry whether Israel likes it or not!

The best comment is this:
Israel's ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was more explicit: "We are rejecting an international commission. We are discussing with the Obama administration a way in which our inquiry will take place," he said.

Yeah right.....

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