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Originally Posted by magnus View Post
The main problem of the world today is that everyone things selfish like you!Bad economy in not as likely to have human loss as war or these cases!Plus i would say 99% of the population could affort relatively high expenses in Healthcar. Places like Gazza or similar places cant affort aspirin or water for that matter!!!!!
That and also the fact you keep posting stuff like that on a dailly basis making most people to lazy to even read your posts!!!!

BTW guess how many of this group come from Israel :
And its your post too! Interesting to see what you think!
i luvs the you attemptings to do the insults of me in the broken english

fuking fabian socialists, etc, etc. I try to point out that:
1) its only been flaring up everyweek for the last 40 fk'n years
2) the other places that the same thing could happen
3) how we're all so distracted by sosmething that flares up everyweek, for 40yrs
4) While our gov - talks about removing/watering down our precious world renowned Healthcare
5) no one cares - cause this is more 'exciting' - even though its really stale leftovers of previous dinners.

you: call me selfish & then shoot in the age old hitler era jew hating conspiracy 'its probably all jews that run that & the world'

if only certain people in the world would just choke to death on the severed forskin flesh of a million jewish baby penis's - perhaps the world would be a better place?

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