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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
you dont believe in new world order?

Every high school kid, uni kid, talks about globilization like its the gospel becuase theyve been indoctrinated by teachers (whom have also eben indoctrianted by the same system).

look at how many police we have, and its growing even more. hell look at the army theyve trained for the g20... insane... at least now you know if you ever want to speak out youll need more then just a few guys to do it.
It's all in who you know, not what you know, or what you do. It's always been that way. Also the reason why the CF trains for the g20 summit is that there is crazy people out there. Would just be dumb to have a retard come and kill a diplomat from another country. That would ruin us as a whole, speak for Canada. Same thing was for the Olympics. People, once they get something stuck in their mind, they believe it's true and can never reason with them, sometimes it ends in violence. It's just the way some people's little minds work. Can't think about sides of the story instead of the one sided arguments.
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