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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
Let's get our facts straight Magnus. There is a legally recognized blockade of ports in Gaza. Ships tried to breach a blockade. These ships were NOT shot at. They were boarded (as many countries do to many ships, including Canadian military) to be turned away. The Israeli's were attacked with weapons before they were even down the lines. The Israelis didn't attack anyone. Their lives were in danger by a mob on the ship, and they did what they had to do to save their own lives. They even delivered most of the aid supplies from the ships to Gaza after they were seized, with the exception of banned materials.

LOL an illegal blockade of Gaza strip... They wont let humanitarian aid get through WHICH turkey had searched the ship and proclaimed it as weapons free and as a humanitarian ship.

THEN the ISraeli Defence force BOARDS THE SHIP.... THAts right BOARDS THE SHIP with force, and the soldiers got attacked and opened fire with machine guns AGAINST PEOPLE THAT HAD NO WEAPONS? Really... and the soldiers were the victims right?

WTF did they think was going to happen?

Its amazing that Israel/Gaza, and that whole area is allowed to continue on like this for so many ****ing years and not a think is being done by the international community.. Problem is now that so many ****ing families have lost loved ones to gunships and bomings that they wont turn a blind eye and they dont want peace.

**** if my family was killed the way those people are dieing, I would vow revenge as well.

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