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Originally Posted by lvan View Post
As EU becomes one country, Usa will degrade more and more. Look at the new EU states, They purchase mostly European goods. They buy Airbus besides Boeing. Take a look at the A380. Most of A380 orders are driven from a political perspective. Stronger EU = Weaker USA. America will be the dumphole for the immigrants from the 3rd world shitholes.

Since you are Italian heritage, take a look at Fiat. Usa bombed Serbia's automototive Yugo factory during the NATO strikes. Serbs still make Yugos, but besides that, They have a assembly line for the Italian Fiat Punto. American automakers are getting killed by Japanese as we speak. Can it get any worse?

I will not even get into George Bush era. It was insane how Putin made him look like a last shit on the earth lol. He had to come and say ; "Cold war is over". (Geoirgian conflict with Russia)
That's an interesting and seemingly correct observation Ivan.
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