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Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
I have the exact opposite experience using RP stuff.

My tranny doesn't like it, my engine doesn't like it, and neither did my friends engine (it actually started to foam).

RP is just over hyped, expensive crap. They just have good marketing people.

As far as engine oils go, I swear by Lubro/Liqui Molly (contact Bimmersport)... I just got my oil report back from Blackstone labs 2 weeks ago... everything is looking great with the engine wear and oil quality.

And for gear oils, either Redline or Motul fluids.
Well it all depends. Mostly you use it with new engines that haven't had a million other oils mixed together. I know my dad did a engine flush and everything else and put new RP oils in and it works wonderful, even when it shifts auto is feels nicer. I'm going to be doing what he did with the car once I get things going good =\
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