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Originally Posted by Robb View Post
Without the backing of the mighty U.S. the Isreali state would be long gone !
We are all brainwashed by the U.S. and western world into thinking/believing that arabs and muslims are terrorists, when they really are not. All the U.S. wants is to control the world and control the oil addiction !
As EU becomes one country, Usa will degrade more and more. Look at the new EU states, They purchase mostly European goods. They buy Airbus besides Boeing. Take a look at the A380. Most of A380 orders are driven from a political perspective. Stronger EU = Weaker USA. America will be the dumphole for the immigrants from the 3rd world shitholes.

Since you are Italian heritage, take a look at Fiat. Usa bombed Serbia's automototive Yugo factory during the NATO strikes. Serbs still make Yugos, but besides that, They have a assembly line for the Italian Fiat Punto. American automakers are getting killed by Japanese as we speak. Can it get any worse?

I will not even get into George Bush era. It was insane how Putin made him look like a last shit on the earth lol. He had to come and say ; "Cold war is over". (Geoirgian conflict with Russia)
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