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Originally Posted by supernaught View Post
your need to drop the tank far outweighs your wants to not drop it. I'm sure you could struggle with the hose and maybe get something to work, but its better for you to drop the exhaust and DS, lower the tank and see what you're really up against. Getting Fuel and brake lines done correctly is pretty important. Just make sure you get some new gaskets and seals for reassembly. Before taking the tank out, look inside for rust, and get a replacement if its bad. With the tank out you should inspect the outside for rust, if theres only surface on it, clean it up and treat it, you don't want to be doing the whole job again in a few months.
Yea I know =\ But pretty much everything has to drop to get the tank out. Which is just too much $$ for replacing a hose (If bushing break ect..). I can get it done, just going to drill the rusted bolt out and drop the tank a inch or so with the little clearance it has from everything and then buy a bolt to put it back together. The tank doesn't leak, just one of the 2 lines. So I'm replacing the main one and if need be, I'll replace the return also. It's only a tight fit, nothing else. I'm just going to rockguard the crap out of the tank once I'm finished.
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