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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
Magnus do your homework. The Israelis warned the ships they wouldn't be allowed into Gaza 6 hours before they boarded them, and they did not shoot anyone until after they had been beaten and stabbed by dozens of people on board. is video of the attack by "peaceful" activists. includes a statement that "None of the passengers interviewed by AP have said lethal force was used by the Israelis before they boarded the ship."

Humanitarian aid did reach Gaza, via Israel, after this event. What they don't allow in to Gaza is full ships that could include any items or even weapons.
Do my homework?
I was in the army and worked with Israeli special forces. I know what they told me they do!
And here is a video for you

They kept firing when the white flag was up.
I would post the videos of witnesses that were onboard from Greece but you wont understand a word!
In any case they boarded with no notice and they were armed. Not one person on the ships were armed! Dont you see something wrong there?
Dont you think the fact countries have condemned this and are pulling their embasies out of Israel is a litle suspicious?

Is he also not telling the truth? His wife was beaten up for no reason!
The second guy is a german former politician!!!!! Is he in need of homework too?The girl clearly says they were firing from the air!!!!
Is she in need of homework too?

Here is another witness:

Is she on need of homework too?
These are innocent people who just wanted to help poor suffering folk! Nothing else!

I may need to do my homework but i think you need to wake up!

"Lo there do I see my father.
Lo there do I see my mother.
Lo there do I see my brothers and my sisters.
Lo there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo they do call to me
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where the brave may live forever"

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