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Originally Posted by mstearnsy View Post
When did I say Israel was a victim in this case? Someone called this case a terrorist act and I laid out the FACTS. Tell me exactly who attacked who here? Then tell me how it's terrorism.

It is a terrorist act what the israelis did. They flew their helicopters over the ships on international waters and started firing at them before they dropped any of their soldiers on the ships. And when the soldiers got on the ships they started beating the civilians.

The civilians had to defend them selves as they were being highjacked and shot at for no reason.

They could have let the ship get to gaza than did their search but nooooooo... they had to shoot and kill some of the turks. This is called TERRORISM. Read the definition of terrorism in the dictionary if ur not sure of what it mean.

All this was seen first hand by a canadian who was on board the ship and he is on his way back to canada to tell the whole story.

And as for the investigation the israelis are not letting the international countries to help in the investigation cause of course they got stuff to hide.

The truth will eventually come out and believe it or not EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY.

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