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Originally Posted by magnus View Post
Actually humanitarian aid is always let through. so even if there was a block they should have let them through. And as for facts i read and watched interviews of greeks that came back yesterday. One of them claimed and judging from the bruises was telling the truth that he was beaten up by soldiers to the point he went into a shock and at this point the injected him with tranqualisers and continued beating. They took all food and medicine away from the doctors that was meant to be given in Gaza. How is that right?
They did attack them as they boarded the ships with no warning and shot a few people.
All the people on board were unarmed btw!
They did not deliver the aids. They were asked by UN to do so and they agreed.
Magnus do your homework. The Israelis warned the ships they wouldn't be allowed into Gaza 6 hours before they boarded them, and they did not shoot anyone until after they had been beaten and stabbed by dozens of people on board. is video of the attack by "peaceful" activists. includes a statement that "None of the passengers interviewed by AP have said lethal force was used by the Israelis before they boarded the ship."

Humanitarian aid did reach Gaza, via Israel, after this event. What they don't allow in to Gaza is full ships that could include any items or even weapons.
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