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Home Restoration

here is the story;

After all the rain lost night, my basement was flooded. called my insurance,within an hour a Restoration company showed up and started the job. In my head i thought for sure basement was going to be renovated and it was going to be a mess for weeks.

This restoration company has a pretty nice system where they extract water from under the carpet,pad and behind the walls. They then set up air blowers around the basement to create an air circulation and they would suck that air with a fairly big dehumidifier where the air is converted into water and drained out. The equipment is suppose to stay on for 72 hours in order to dry the basement to the expected standarts. After extracting all the water, they moved all the contents and placed them on foam blocks so that water couldnt get in contact with the contents.

What is really nice is that, the two technicians that did all the work are coming back today and tomorrow to take measurements from the carpet and the walls to figure out how dry it got over the past x amount of hours or day.
Both technicians were very professional dressed nicely in their uniforms and did no damage to the house trying to set up their equipments.

Another thing is that, in cause of a natural disaster you have the right to work with any restoration company you'd like and by law your home insurance is suppose to cover so if that is ever the case of any1 of you, i'd definitely recommend working with these guys.

here is their website they also provide alot of different services.
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