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Originally Posted by 911LOL View Post
LOL you crack me up

just read this whole article. You're so far out in left field you don't even realize you've left the ballpark buddy:
you crack me up more. you realize you sent me to like the Klans website where they say on it no we don't hate blacks & jews, we're just a prowhite rights movement ps: kkk was actually started by the democratic party - did u know?

and your second link is equivelant to some crazy guys webpage, saying its all lies

notice all the stuff i laid down was clipped together from msm's & docu's.
and blades you went from 'you can't really believe that to - and this is why its ok. hey blades how'd the world get morphine during the soviet war, then during the taliban, who actually were destroying poppies??

for everybody else i guess mOre vids!


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