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Originally Posted by tominizer View Post
Interested in learning about the sanding process and how much time-effort into that part. That's usually the pain in the azz. I use to make quite a few fibreglass custom pieces for audio audio installs that I use to paint or cover in leather/vinyl/etc. The sanding part was alway a dirty dirty job and NOT good on the lungs if you were not wearing a mask. It also took the MOST time. I remember this extended cabin 4x4 I built a fibreglass enclosure rite into the extended cab (inside the truck) and sanded it IN the truck.......... f-ing brutal. Did it outside in the heat of the summer...........

Nice work BTW !!
Some one who knows my pain!!! Actually, I've invested in a top notch mask, since I've also been painting as well recently (compressor-based; not aresol can) and it has ALOT of fumes/suspended particles. The eary sanding is the worst; cause it's done dry and the fibres get into everything. I wear a mechanics coveralls when I dry sand and a mask. The wet sanding which is done after the epoxy is done, isn't too bad cause there's little "dust" floating around.

You're always welcome to drop by and check it out. Doing a set as we speak. Also found a new use for my industrial dremel tool; it has a flexible extension which i'm finding is perfect for the cutting and grinding tools I'm using..... I'll trade your fibreglass experience (need to "fill gaps" in aftermarket spoiler); for my in CF....

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