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Fuel Relay

Alright, under the back seat the fuel system thing. My dad took a clamp off one of the hoses thinking he would be able to move the hose out from there not thinking it's attached to other things. Well it turns out it's the monster hose that feeds the engine (one running to the fuel filter and then engine). Well I went to put a worm gear clamp on it (Clamp that you need a screw driver for) but it continues to leak even afterwards. There's nothing wrong with the house and I inspected it and nothing is cut or even scraped on the hose but for some reason it wants to still burn fuel out =\ This is the only problem I have with the car now =\ After this I can go for a cruise for the first time... Anyone have any ideas? I dont want to tighten the clamp to much because it looks like it might cut through the hose.. think I should do it anyways?
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